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Usa holidays

Welcome to We'll be pleased if you decide to celebrate holidays with us! We've collected all these wonderful photographs and pictures for you just to help you relax a little, take a time-out in a daily vanity and see the beauty of the world that surrounds us and brings us peace and joy of living. We believe that some of these pictures may suggest you some new great ideas and make you smile and forget about troubles and disturbance. Happy holidays! Enjoy!


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usa holidays, christmas borders, valentine heart

Among all the holidays of Great Britain and the U.S. Christmas is the most ambitious in its scope. It is celebrated on December 25, but preparations begin in late November, just after Thanksgiving.

Originally the Christmas and the Epiphany were one big holiday. Therefore, 12 days separating Christmas and Epiphany are very important for Christians. There is the song about them which is called "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

All agree on the fact that Christmas should be the most cheerful and bright event of the year. We admire beautifully decorated houses, offices, shops and streets. In an impetuous carnival of paints two traditional colours – red and green dominate. Green Christmas Trees or branches of evergreen conifers, decorated with red ribbons, lanterns and bells, are the same attributes of Christmas. On top of trees you can see Christmas angels or stars.

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Halloween is intriguing. Samhain was considered as a dark god, but the Great Wasteland in which he lives, is far from gloomy. There is the White Silence, something always existing - even before anything has appeared. But Samhain is not the devil. How can death be good or evil? Onlly people can be good or evil. Plunging in cheerful and slightly horrible spectacle of Halloween a person gets a chance to understand something unknowable. And just throwing the burden of everyday concerns a man can be cleaned and be reborn to a new life.

Halloween does not happen without a pumpkin! For hundreds of years on Oct. 31 Jack-o-lanterns lit in every window, and repel evil forces. The history of its appearance tells an Irish legend of a drunk named Stingy Jack.

Jack-o-lanterns still roams the earth in anticipation of the Last Judgement and is a symbol of damned soul.

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St. Valentine's Day

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Saint Valentine's Day has arrived to America with the first settlers from England, and immediately became one of the favorite holidays. Even during the Civil War in the mid 19-th century, the American press has noted that Valentine's Day is the second most popular holiday after Christmas.

Gifts in stores are tied with red ribbons. It is no coincidence - Valentine's Day is associated with a large layer of European culture. In medieval Europe ladies often gave red tapes as a sign of their love to knights who competed in duels. And knights attached gifts to the spears as a lucky talisman.

Valentine's Day has roots in longstanding Roman festival in honor of the god named Luperkus. This god, as the Romans believed, defended them from the cruel wolves, who then ran in huge flocks throughout Italy. Every year in mid-February the Romans celebrated this holiday.

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